NodeGui: cross-platform native desktop app development for the web programmer

Web developers rejoice: two industry-favorite tools can now be leveraged in the development of cross-platform native desktop applications! NodeGui and NodeGuiReact are two new open-source libraries for developing highly-performing apps using Node.js and React, respectively.

The premise is simple: both libraries build upon Qt, an open-source C++ framework for cross-platform development, allowing users to write Qt applications using JavaScript and CSS styling underpinned by Node.js (and, optionally, React). Both libraries also boast “first class TypeScript support”, opening up yet another avenue of desktop development for future-facing web devs (NodeGuiAngular when?)!

As a student that has yet to gain any experience with cross-platform desktop apps, the prospect of being able to dabble in this type of software development without having to learn any new frameworks—all while gaining further experience with popular web technologies—seems incredibly valuable!

Interested in contributing? NodeGui is being developed largely using C++ (and some TypeScript). NodeGuiReact, which exists as a React renderer for NodeGUI, is being developed using TypeScript.

For more information, check out:
The launch announcement (author’s blog)
NodeGui docs
NodeGuiReact docs

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